Video & Audio

Video & Audio



Video Production for Small Businesses


We are offering to produce a short – up to 3 minutes in length – video to our high standard HD format, by filming you introducing yourself and explaining your product or service offer.

By using ‘green screen’ we can insert background colour, image or video for you, include still images, and add in bulleted text for product or service summaries, appropriately synchronised with your voice.

We will provide you with the video file, complete with a ‘thumbnail’  (the image you see when you publish the video) which can then be uploaded to YouTube.  You can then publish the YouTube link to any social media you choose, connect it to a location in your Web site (as below), or attach it to an email.

If you do not yet have your own YouTube channel, it is a very straightforward process, and we would be happy to show you how to set one up.  There is no charge from YouTube for that.

As a very special introductory offer, we will do this for a discounted fee of just £90 …… but only for the first three people taking up this offer before the end of February.  After that, the price will rise to £120.

This offer includes up to 1 hour of video filming, including audio and stills photography as appropriate, and the production of our Basic Package video, giving you .mov and .mp4 video files c/w a suitable .jpg ‘thumbnail’ still image from the video.